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The 25_50_100 Challenge
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Icon Making Challenge

Welcome to The 25_50_100 Challenge!

This is a fairly open-ended icon challenge, in that you may claim whatever you wish and there are no themes. You can chose to make 25, 50, or 100 icons of your subject. When you complete your claim, you will receive a shiny banner.

Your moderators are heartspeed, michele0013, and csichick_2. heartspeed and michele0013 are in charge of banners and csichick_2 is in charge of claims.

There are a few guidelines:
1) A subject may be claimed a maximum of four times. Once at 25, once at 50, and twice at 100. If a subject is fully claimed, you can request to be put on the waiting list.
2) You will receive 30 days to complete a claim of 25 icons, 60 days to complete a claim of 50 icons, and 120 days to complete a claim of 100 icons. This comes out to less than one icon per day. Reminders of upcoming due dates will be posted weekly in the community. Users will also be contacted via LiveJournal PM.
3) If you are unable to complete your claim on time, you may be able to receive an extension. Details can be found at the extensions post.
4) You may have up to three claims at once. These may be distributed however you wish.
5) You may claim a subject more than once. However, please wait 30 days between completing a claim and requesting another claim for the same subject. It is not fair to other users if you monopolize the subject.

Every 3 months, there will be a special challenge in which you make 200 icons in a one month period. All participants shall receive a participant banner. Those that complete the challenge will receive a personalized banner. This is optional and hopefully will be fun. The first of these challenges shall be posted on December 1st.

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